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Polyurethane Rollers

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Pinder's polyurethane rollers use industry proven polyurethane compounds with exceptional wear characteristics.

Pinder's polyurethane rollers are formulated to perform when subjected to continuous load in high speed tension and brake roll applications. Resilient 90/80 A and 60/70 A hardness range minimizes strip edge grooves, and allows rollers to be used in multiple width cuts in lite gage slitting , inspection and rewind operations.

Slitting and Cut-To-Length Line
Tension Rollers - Entry and Exit Feed Rollers
Drive and Idler Table Rollers - Snubber Rollers
Pinch Rollers

Pickle Rollers
Steering and Tension Rollers - Blocker Rollers
Side Trimmer Wheels - Drive and Idler Table Rollers
Strip Separator Arm Rollers

Hot Dip and EGL Galvanize Lines
Pass Line and Dryer Rollers
Tension and Bridle Rollers
Idler Rollers

Speciality Rollers for Wrap and Inspection Lines

Pinder's polyurethane rollers use formulations designed to provide cut and abrasion resistance when used in processing prime or secondary cold rolled steel. Pinder's polyurethane formulations result in resilient load bearing properties that insure excellent tension and braking action for use in heavy gage pickled and oiled slitting, cut-to-length and blanking operations.

Durable soft durometers for use in processing critical life gage material. Provides uniform tracking along with excellent wear characteristics for painted and non-painted appliance and automotive grade steel.

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