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Polyurethane Products for Industrial Applications

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Tension Rolls, Feed Rolls, Pinch Rolls

  Roll Hardness - 80-90 Shore A, 50 Shore A and softer
  Surface Finish - Diced Knife Slits; Sure Grip; Longitudinal Grooves; Smooth
  Wear Requirements - More Abrasion than cut resistant. Must be able to provide high coefficient of friction under wet or   dry operating conditions. Able to keep product conveyed in proper alignment.

Wringer Rolls

  Roll Hardness - 75-89 Shore A
  Surface Finish - 36-64 RMS finish; turned or precision ground
  Wear Requirements - Urethane must be compatible with solution being processed. Cut resistant with an ability to   wear uniformly across roll face. Able to process varied product widths without developing a pronounced wear pattern.

Break Rolls, Shearing Rolls, Bridle Rolls

  Roll Hardness - 80A-40 Shore D
  Surface Finish - Standard Machime Finish; Diamond Pattern or Herringbone Pattern
  Wear Requirements - Must be able to accept minor compression under load without rupture during tracking. Harder   durometers able to withstand more psi than sofer durometers. Able to dissipate build up in roll body in high speed   applications.

Accumulator Rolls, Application Rolls

  Roll Hardness - 50-75 Shore A
  Surface Finish - Ground 32 RMS finish
  Wear Requirements - Minimum deflection of urethane to insure uniform coating of moving substrate. Good abrasion   and cut resistant qualities. Able to minimize a wear pattern on roll face even when product width varies.

Conveyor Drive Rolls, Idler Rolls, Pulleys

  Roll Hardness - 80-90 Shore A
  Surface Finish - Standard Machine Finish; Diamond Pattern or Herringbone Pattern
  Wear Requirements - Good abrasion qualities. Able to prevent impingement of metal particles in urethane coating.   Uniform wear over roll face to insure proper tracking and alignment.

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