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Polyurethane Products for Industrial Applications

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Polyurethane Mandrel Products for Slitting Operations

Recoil Sleeves for Mandrel
Belt Wrapping

Constructed of abrasion and cut resistant 60, 70, 80 Shore A polyurethane.

Surface finish machined for maximum tracking and grip.

Diamond Pattern-Chevron-Sure Grip -Rough Finish

Excellent elasticity. Maintains shape after continuous usage in primary steel process lines.

Available in various O.D.ís & I.D.ís.

Standard & custom lengths available.

Bolt-Down Overlays

Designed to perform under continuous load bearing applications.

Non-brittle. Available in nylon type hardness.

Will not rupture or deform.

Light Weight

Available in soft durometers
   70A-80A or harder 90A and
   50D formulations.

Designed for heavy gage
   or light gage metal.

Slotted hole for easy alignment
   and anchoring.

Pumpkin tooth, serpentine
   or beveled edges.

Available with molded steel
   backing plate.

Steel bushings in counterbore
   holes to reduce wear in
   bolt down area.

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