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Polyurethane Products for Industrial Applications

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Polyurethane Industrial Pads and Liners

In the area of industrial maintenance, parts fabricated in polyurethane have many versatile applications.

While conventional plastic materials tend to become brittle as they become harder, polyurethane remains elastic and resists fracture even in very hard applications.

This unique toughness makes polyurethane ideal for parts that have to stand up to high impact and repeated impingement.

Custom Molded Sleeves & Boots Refurbishing of customers lined equipment.

Coated Troughs & Hopper Liners
          High Performance Impact Load
          Bearing Polyurethane Pads

Specialty Shapes & Profiles
Steel Backed Polyurethane Plates Short & long lengths. Weld or bolt-down applications
Material Handling Applications

The abrasion and cut resistance of polyurethane allows it to be bonded to
metal parts of various shapes and sizes.

Polyurethane Liners are used in:
> Cement
> Coarse aggregate
> Glass
> Mining
> Steel Bar & Tube Mills

Great load bearing capacity is what make parts designed with polyurethane possible at all. In both compression and shear polyurethane is the material of choice for load bearing wheels and shock absorbing pads.

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