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Pinder and the Polyurethane Industrial Market

In an economic driven market suppliers cannot sacrifice wear characteristics to provide end users with a more economical product.

Pinder will determine those wear characteristics that are most critical to an operation, and provide a compound that is best suited for the process.

Pinder is a castable polyurethane processor, utilizing processes and formulations that are different from ribbon flow and lapping operations. Besides the method of processing polyurethane, there are many variables in the production of polyurethane elastomers themselves.

The three most common categories are raw material variables, processing variables and field variables.

Base costs of polyurethane, as well as physical properties do vary from polyurethane A to polyurethane B, with subsequent discernable changes in physical wear characteristics and performance.

Pinder strives to meet pricing expectations for existing customers and new prospects. As in all industries serving large industrial concerns, Pinderís price structure reflects a company with a history of proven success, and the need to continuously develop to maintain its market position.

While there are chemical compounds that change the physical properties (abrasion, cut, compression, and tensile strength) of polyurethane formulations and reduce the base cost, Pinder does not add fillers to its products.

By knowing the customers operation Pinder will always provide formulations that meet or exceed the engineering parameters of the application.

Although the variables are abundant in polyurethane formulation themselves, Pinder does implement procedures that may or may not be in use by other polyurethane processors.

Pinderís quality assurance is second to none and virtually eliminates processing variables. The chemical adhesion process of urethane to the base substrate has a direct correlation to urethane performance in the field.

Pinderís aggressive surface preparation assures a uniform bonded surface free of oils, grease, mold release and loose particles. Bond failure is basically eliminated.

In the critical area of temperature monitoring, Pinderís time intensive pre-bake cycle allows for continuous monitoring of the base substrate up until the actual coating process. This control process insures a uniform hardness of polyurethane on the roll body. It also also assures a consistent bond of the urethane to the base core or substrate.

Pinderís extensive interaction with customers enables Pinder to better understand the requirements of rollers in a myriad of industrial applications. Knowing that specific formulations had worked in similar applications, Pinder can confidently make recommendations for a material whose performance characteristics are well documented.

By knowing the physical requirements of the roller, cut resistance, tracking and braking action, generated heat at high speed , load bearing with or without abrasion, Pinder is able to provide a formulation that best meets one or all of the physical parameters required in the field of operation.

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