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Polyurethane Products for Industrial Applications

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Pinder's Mission Statement
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Pinderís corporate mission is to be a recognized and valued supplier of polyurethane parts used in a variety of industrial applications.

Pinder strives to accomplish its goals by providing a price structure that meets the expectations of all its customers, while also reflecting current market conditions.

Pinder will:
  • Develop, maintain and ensure customer satisfaction by consistently manufacturing a quality engineered product with formulations that meet or exceed accepted engineering parameters.

  • Develop a partnering relationship with all its customers to better serve their needs.

  • Maintain our market growth and presence by continuing to develop and pursue innovative projects with existing and new customers.

  • Being a mid-size polyurethane processor, Pinder strives to be responsive to all customers needs by maintaining timely deliveries under all economic conditions.

  • Provide the necessary product support and availability when situations occur that require special attention due to product performance or reliability.

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