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Polyurethane Products for Industrial Applications

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Pinder's Capabilities

Pinder has the ability to fabricate molds and make parts of solid or metal reinforced polyurethane.

Because Pinder has a diverse customer base, it is well equipped to run small and large production runs. Being able to produce small parts as well as large industrial items, Pinder is able to meet the manufacturing requirements of many industries, large and small.

Pinder can take existing customer supplied roller cores and hubs and recover them to original specifications. When required, Pinder can design parts with inserted metal of various shapes and sizes for additional strength, rigidity or wear.

Rollers can be coated up to 42” diameter. Pinder can fabricate new rolls per customer's requirements, or custom design them to a particular application.

In all cases, rollers are engineered to perform at the highest possible level, and meet quality standards consistent with the industry served. Metal backed plates and parts with a soft or hard coating can be cast in various widths, lengths and thicknesses.

Pinder History
Mission Statement

Pinder Polyurethane and Plastics is a manufacturer of polyurethane coated rollers and material handling pads for industrial applications.

Pinder began operation in 1985 and is located in East Chicago, Indiana, in the Midwest’s hub of primary steel producing operations.

Throughout the years, Pinder has had the opportunity to test and develop a variety of products used in demanding industrial applications.

  • Coated rollers moving heavy and critical light gage steel in pickle and galvanized lines
  • Load bearing saddles used to support 75,000 pound coils in warehouses and staging areas
  • High impact bumpers and abrasion resistant liners
These products have contributed to Pinder’s sustained growth and success in the industry.

As the industrial base of the Midwest changed, Pinder also made some adjustments on its point of focus.

Not to become one dimensional in servicing a particular industry, Pinder has been able to re-direct its engineering parameters to a number of industries.

The expertise that Pinder gained in one area has been applied to other industries. Establishing a working relationship with a diverse customer base that includes:
  • Conveyor manufacturers
  • Material handling
  • Metal processing and forming
  • Paper and cardboard
These industries have all contributed to Pinder’s sustained continued growth and notable position in the industry.

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