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Polyurethane Products for Industrial Applications

Polyurethane Rollers, Polyurethane Mandrel Expanders, Polyurethane Pads, Custom Molded Products

P.O. Box 433
481 East 151st St.
East Chicago, IN 46312

Polyurethane Rollers and Polyurethane Pads for the Metal Service Industry

Custom Rollers, Wheels and Parts for Mechanical Components and Industrial Applications

Industrial Rollers and Pads

Steel Processing Rollers

Pinder and the Polyurethane Industrial Market

Products for Metal Processing

Mandrel Un-coiler and Re-coiler Rings

Mandrel Products for Slitting Operations

Custom Molded Parts

Custom Rollers, Wheels and Parts

Industrial Rollers and Pads

Material Handling Idler Rollers

Industrial Pads

Pinder Polyurethane and Plastics is a manufacturer of polyurethane coated rollers, material handling pads, polyurethane mandrel expanders and polyurethane conveyor rollers for industrial applications.   And custom molded products for all industries.

Pinder Polyurethane is located at 481 East 151st St., East Chicago, Indiana, 46312. Phone: 219-397-8248.

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